Sharp Wizard OZ-700 Development Information

(Last Update: 2001/1/28)
My Wizard OZ-750

Dear Folks,

Thank you for your having visited my Wizard page, but I am now closing my Wizard page because I am not using Wizard anymore and there is a very little chance I will have a strong interest again in developing software for Wizard. Fortunately, the developers around OZDEV are still actively working. I hope you to go to OZDEV to jumpstart your adventure to Wizard development.

Yes, I have to confess that I've started using a Palm (IBM WorkPad c3). It provides far better functions for scheduling than Wizard. I still think Wizard is a better PDA as a memo-taker (who wants to write a memo using Grafiti when talking on the phone?), but scheduling is more important to me right now and I no longer want to write a program just to manage my life efficiently.

I deleted most of documents and programs I have put here. I think they are already out-dated compared to the knowledge currently stored in OZDEV. However, the one program called BACON (BAsic CONverter) (Version 1.1 Beta 3) is still here for your free downloading because some of yours may still find it useful, I guess.

Hope to see you sometime, somewhere in the near future...

January 28, 2001
Masaaki Tami Takamiya (